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Lyme Disease Foundation
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The Lyme Disease Foundation has been America's Premiere Medical, Scientific, and Patient Advocate Non-Profit for over 30 years.  After a short hiatus, the LDF is once again charging ahead in the fight with a goal of finding permanent solutions regarding tick-borne diseases.

Our Mission "Find the Truth, Tell the Truth" That is what we aim to do.

Watch these pages over the next few weeks as we rebuild the web site with all the information that you depended on from the LDF

The Story of a Mother Who Wanted Answers

The Lyme Disease Foundation was founded initially due to a lack of information availability, awareness, and general understanding of what Lyme Disease was, or what ticks really did. Between her own health deterioration during pregnancy, and the loss of not only her pets, but her own son, the void became too great, and change had to happen. Between working with scientific experts, legislators, officials, law makers, government entities, schools, universities, and even private businesses, Karen Vanderhoof-Forschner blazed a path to just have answers for what happened to her son, her family, and to herself.

Starting the Lyme Disease Foundation up for the first time back in March of 1988, she fought for every step she took, put her foot in every door she could find, and worked with anyone who would listen.  The diverse and dedicated team of board members trailblazed into a world unaware of this disease, raising awareness from 0% to 88% within 2 years. After helping establish a path of education, movies, videos, informational packets, brochures, medical posters, and more, 20 years passed, and she was forced to close the LDF due to multiple bone breaks, and being in and out of therapy to relearn to walk.

There’s a desperate need for the record to be set straight, and for those who are ill, treating Lyme, to be heard. Or even those who don’t know what Lyme Disease or Tick Borne Illnesses are, to be given access to all of the information, and education they need. The newest chapter of the LDF has only just started, and we have every intention to keep our footnotes open to the public.

Our mission statement is simply “Find the truth, Tell the truth.”  We're dedicated to sharing and finding the truth about the current state of Lyme Disease, Tick Borne Illnesses, and associated Diseases, and finding ways to improve the way the government handles diagnosis and treatment. One of our main focuses is on access to education, and affirming the real story of Lyme Disease.

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