Lyme Disease Foundation
Lyme Disease Foundation
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The Lyme Disease Foundation has been America's Premiere Medical, Scientific, and Patient Advocate Non-Profit for over 30 years.  After a short hiatus, the LDF is once again charging ahead in the fight with a goal of finding permanent solutions regarding tick-borne diseases.

Our Mission "Find the Truth, Tell the Truth" That is what we aim to do.

Awards and Recognitions

Federal: Congress & Agencies
The LDF has received Congressional recognition for its educational efforts, as well as a National Institutes of Health award for its outstanding efforts in increasing public awareness about Lyme disease. The LDF is recommended as a source of credible information from numerous government agencies.
The states of Illinois, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Texas have presented commendations to the LDF in recognition of its outstanding contribution and cooperation on various projects to improve public and healthcare provider awareness. Both the Rotary of Connecticut and the Community Health Charities have presented awards to the LDF for unselfish assistance in educating the public on tick-borne diseases.

County & City
Ocean County (NJ) Board of Chosen Freeholders presented an award to the Lyme Disease Foundation in appreciation of its efforts to enhance citizens and health care professionals understanding about Lyme disease prevention, awareness, and treatment. The LDF also received several proclamations by the city of Bristol, Connecticut for efforts to educate citizens and medical professionals about tick-borne diseases. The Bristol Police Union presented an award to the LDF for its efforts and dedication in fighting a crippling disease.

The LDF received an award from the Vancouver-based British Columbia Lyme Society for its combined effort with them to improve public awareness about all tick-borne diseases.

Produce Award-Winning TV Programs
Dr. Ticked-Off and His Tick Patrol - This childrens' educational puppet program, hosted by "Luis" from Sesame Street, aired repeatedly across the country on Public Broadcasting Stations and has been shown in over 12,000 schools educating 4 million children.
INTERCOM Silver Plaque winner in the Childrens' Education category of the International Communication Film and Video Festival.

Faces of Lyme Disease - This Lifetime Television Network documentary re-humanizes Lyme patients from mere case numbers to real people suffering from a potentially debilitating disease and provides a comprehensive overview of the infection.


Rx Club Top honors for Educaction Excellence in the International competition. Global Globe Award in recognition of outstandinf achievement in the Globals International Competition.


New York Film Festival 4th place in the TV Healthcare Education.


Website Awards
Voted one of the top 6 internet health & science sites and one of the top 100 overall sites by the Hartford Courant.
Recommended by Boston Globe's On the Web column.
Medinex-Certified as a reliable source of healthcare information.
Recommended by the United States Department of Health and Human Services (e.g. National Institutes of Health) as a source of reliable information.

Volunteer Awards

Media Awards

Woman of the Year - Judged by the nonpartisan Points of Light Foundation. Awarded at Family Circle's 60th Birthday Gala.
Women Who Makes a Difference - Family Circle magazine.
Woman of Worth - L'Oreal national television advertising campaign.


Academic Awards
Outstanding Dedication and Educational Effort - Muskingum College.

Other recipients include Senator/Astronaut John Glenn and wife Annie Glenn.

Outstanding Distinction in a field of Endeavor, Outstanding Character, and Special Contribution to Humanity - Montclair-Kimberley Academy.

Civic Organization Awards
Exceptional Community Contribution - Daughters of the American Revolution.
Woman of the Year - Ladies Auxiliary and Veterans of Foreign Wars