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1997 NIH Award Speech to LDF

1997 Award from the National Institutes of Health to the Lyme Disease Foundation

The Lyme Disease Foundation was honored in 1997 for its exceptional scientific educational programs, its awareness programs (which made “Lyme disease” a household term), and its sense of civic responsibility. The award was presented to Karen Vanderhoof-Forschner at the National Institutes of Health, during NIH’s hosting the LDF’s 1997 Annual Scientific Conference at their auditorium.

The NIH Official stated, to the packed auditorium of doctors and researchers,

“It is a pleasure to come before you this afternoon . . . to recognize on behalf of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, The Lyme Disease Foundation. We at NIH do a lot of supportive work for cures. We at NIH work with a lot of outside organizations and you the scientific community that come up with those treatments and cures. And, we value the opportunity to work together with the Foundation like we have with the LDF pulling together researchers and their findings over the last few days.

In addition, we recognize The Lyme Disease Foundation’s promoting greater awareness on how these diseases are transmitted and treated, in the fight against Lyme disease. The Lyme Disease Foundation has done an admirable job assuming corporate responsibility. It has done so with bringing researchers together to present their findings at meetings, such as this one, on an annual basis.

We recognize the Lyme Disease Foundation for promoting greater public awareness by recognizing how these diseases are transmitted and need treatment. They have done so with the inclusion of people with differing background and educational backgrounds.

Therefore, it is my great pleasure on behalf of our Institute to present an award to the Lyme Disease Foundation on behalf of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.”

Dr. John McGowan,
Deputy director for Science Management, NIAID
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