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Bonnie Bennett

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Bonnie Bennett

Bonnie Bennett was born Bonita Ellen McFarlane in Rice Lake, WI. She graduated from North Phoenix High School in 1956, married Richard Bennett in 1959. She received national attention in the early 1980s when a team of doctors had misdiagnosed her husband's serious illness, having had no medical training, she went to the public library and came up with the correct diagnosis of tick-borne relapsing fever within two hours. At first the doctors scoffed at her diagnosis and told her to just stay at home and leave the medicine to them. Later she was able to prove she was correct without a shadow of a doubt. The doctor said this was very unusual because tickborne relapsing fever was an exceedingly rare disease. She said it's not rare at all you're just not recognizing it, she proved to be correct in this also. The story was picked up by the print media as well as television, she was written up in several national publications and appeared on national television.

After this she began researching tickborne illnesses, she began corresponding with prominent scientists in the field including famous entomologist Dr. Willy Burgdorfer, the discoverer of the Lyme disease pathogen. He was so impressed with her knowledge that he insisted she be put on the board of directors for the Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc. where she served for several years. She authored many medical papers and wrote the book Tick Bites & MS… Published in 2013. A copy of her book is on the website.

She has helped hundreds of people over the years by being a patient's advocate. Bonnie was incredibly talented in many ways including music; she did not read notes but could play many instruments by ear. She created beautiful drawings and paintings. Most memorably was her wonderful sense of humor. Bonnie died in 2021, she was 82. The world will not be the same without her.
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