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David Kazarian

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David W. Kazarian, RPh

David Kazarian, CEO of Infuserve America, is  a registered pharmacist who is the  President of The Kazarian Group,  and Isak Computing. He has more than 50-years of experience in long-term care, compounding pharmacy, and pharmacy administration. His firms have serviced numerous facilities in the State of Connecticut, both as a vendor and consultant pharmacist.  He earned a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy at the University of Florida’s School of Pharmacy, where has taken numerous addition courses in psychology, embryology, and other health sciences since graduation.  Kazarian currently is CEO of Infuserve America, a pharmacy corporation that services the home infusion market place, compounds specialty products, and is active in clinical trials.  As president of the consulting company, The Kazarian Group, he consults to attorneys, the insurance industry, and the pharmaceutical industry. 
David was in the Army and then in the Army reserves from 1967 – 1974. Past experience in teaching includes: being a Clinical Associate, at the University of Connecticut’s School of Pharmacy; a lecturer, at the University of Florida’s School of Pharmacy; and an Instructor at Hartford Hospital’s School for Respiratory Therapists.
Mr. Kazarian is the Vice Chair of the LDF Board of Directors. David and Tom Forschner were the first people to present a forum in Colorado on Lyme Disease. While there, they had the chance to visit the CDC at Fort Collins. While there CDC officials threatened them that they were not to say Lyme ticks were in Colorado. Tom and David presented on Lyme disease in a public forum anyway.

Kazarian was the pharmacy partner in a company that automated nursing home pharmacy in the State of Connecticut.  His “Autoscript” computer system was the first in the state and he continues to use software in his consulting practice that is “home grown” and responds to the needs of his patients.  He also served on the board of directors for more than two decades of MTS Medication Technology Systems, a company that automates the dispensing of medication and packaging of products for the extended care industry.  Kazarian also served on the board of directors of a nursing home organization that operated non-profit long-term care facilities, as well as a charity that made wheelchairs available for those who could not afford them.  His other charitable contributions were presiding as President of the Cystic Fibrosis Association, and serving as a member of the America Red Cross and the American Lung Association.
Kazarian has presented and testified at the Florida Board of Pharmacy and the California Board of pharmacy in the area of bioluminescence and sterility of compounded preparations.
Areas of interest are compounding pharmacy as well as the pharmacotherapy of pain management, treatment of dementia in the elderly, anemia of chronic kidney disease, treatment of Lyme disease, and medication safety for the elderly, and automated systems to track details of his patient population and regulatory aspects of various laws that inhibit innovation.  Kazarian is very involved in bioluminescence as it pertains to the indication of sterility of compounded pharmaceutical products and sterility of water.  
Kazarian was Vice President of I.V. Services of America before he moved to Florida and founded Infuserve America, a home infusion service providing infused products to several states across the nation, as well as many patients in the Tampa Bay area.  Infuserve America also has provided several other IV firms with doses in emergencies.  Infuserve America provided TPN for patients at a Hospice in Polk county as well as Pinellas county.  He is also the founder and President of Pharmetric Lab, a company that offers services to pharmacies that compound sterile products in the United States.  Infuserve America has been compounding products for years including glutathione, methylcobalamin and low dose naltrexone.
Kazarian has served as a consultant to attorneys as expert witness, Insurance Case Management, and to other consulting firms.  He is currently and has been on, speaker’s bureaus of companies such as Amgen, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson.  Kazarian Group Consultants also offered consulting services to SurgiCenters in Pinellas County.
David has spoken at many meetings of various pharmacy associations, trade groups and recently at a meeting of the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative.   CTTI Mobile Clinical Trials, Legal and Regulatory Project is a partnership of many stakeholders involved in clinical trials along with many employees of the FDA.  At that meeting Kazarian was asked to speak about regulatory barriers to innovation.
Kazarian has been a member of numerous pharmacy associations including, the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, American Pharmaceutical Association, American Society of Health System Pharmacists, The National Association of Retail Pharmacists and also local associations such as the Connecticut Pharmaceutical Association and the Florida Pharmacists Association.  He has served as the President, Vice President, Member of the board and several counsels of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists as well as held offices in the Hartford County Pharmacists association.  As past president of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, David Kazarian serves on the Counsel of Past Presidents of the society and a finance advisory committee.
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