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Julie Rawlings

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Julie Rawlings, MPH

Julie has her Master’s in Public Health from the University of California at Berkley, where she also took additional graduate courses. Her professional career started at the Texas Department of Health Bureau of Laboratories as a microbiologist, performing diagnostic testing for diseases such as Legionnaire's disease, Lyme disease, rabies, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and typhus. She then worked in the area of clinical pathology culturing organisms for antibiotic sensitivities.  

After receiving her master’s degree, Julie returned to the Texas Department of Health where she conducted epidemiologic surveillance of zoonotic diseases, including Lyme disease. She was promoted to Deputy State Epidemiologist; in this position she was also the state’s Bioterrorism Coordinator and worked with local communities and the Centers for Disease Control on community preparedness for disease outbreaks. 
Ms. Rawlings has been an advisor and frequent presenter to the Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc. since its founding in 1988. In 1989, Julie and the Texas Department of Health cohosted the LDF’s conference in Texas. That was the first Lyme conference ever held in Texas.

After retiring from the state health department, she worked as Senior Exercise Manager, for Global Secure Systems Corporation. In this position she designed, developed, and facilitated preparedness exercises.
Julie has presented at Congressional Rallies during Lyme Awareness Month, and during Congressional “Lunch and Learn” to Senators and House members, and has presented new information at a wide variety of LDF Conferences. She championed Lyme disease in Texas to help patients get access to care and traveled across Texas educating the public.
Julie Chairs the LDF Scientific Committee.

Her extensive list of publications demonstrates her excellence in research into a wide variety of areas.


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