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Press Release

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Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc. Press Release

FREE School, Business, & Support Group CDC-approved education to reduce tick-bites.

The Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc., (“LDF”), Tolland, Ct is pleased to announce it has CDC-approved educational programs FREE for Schools (K to High School), Businesses, and Support Groups on its website at, select Resources, Education, scroll down to your choice.

The 3 School Programs are fun for parents too!

  • An award-winning puppet video, with Emilio Delgado, in both English and Spanish for the lower grades! Dr. Ticked-Off aired on PBS and is open captioned for the hearing impaired.Beta testing of this elementary program resulted in very high teacher praise for all the programs. These programs can be used for Spanish classes or for a public assembly.
  • A Scientific Investigator program for middle schools. This is a video and survey for students to conduct about awareness of tick-bite prevention. Included are a 1-day and 4-day lesson plan.
  • A What You Should Know Question & Answer format video for High School students.


It is time to significantly increase our collective prevention effort! Remember, a Tick in Time, Prevents Lyme! There are about 500,000 new cases of Lyme disease a year in the USA! In 2022, Dong et al. published a meta-analysis proving that 14.5% of the world’s population have been infected with Lyme disease! Some people do not completely recover. Many schools are seeking Lyme disease Education programs for their students. To avoid delays in reinventing the wheel, schools can educate people within a week!

This is the LDF’s free gift to the world because it is Lyme Time. It also honors the original Congressional leaders in Lyme disease … Senators Lieberman, Santorum, Dodd, and Kennedy, as well as Representatives Bedell and Hochbruckner.

Media, businesses, parents, and others can help get the word out! Our NEW Website language selections are Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, & Spanish. For Print material you can use goggle translate to turn the material into your language.

About the Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc. (“LDF”)

The LDF is an award-winning nonprofit specializing in education, research, and advocacy for the scientific truth about ticks and the diseases they spread. The LDF is the world’s first nonprofit dedicated to Lyme disease and ticks. The LDF was established in 1988.

The LDF’s website, is completing a 2-year revision, adding 27 LDF scientific conferences, several out-of-print books, award-winning TV programs, information about ticks & diseases they spread, over 150 scientific articles, multiple scientific journals, and multiple educational programs.

All the programs the LDF has developed are now freely available to anyone around the world!

Acknowledgement of Contributions

A special thanks to Mr. Alex Garcia of Lux Colorum and Ms. Christy Vanderhoof-Forschner for their dedicated hard work on this new website.

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