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The LDF advocates for scientifically accurate Information about tick-borne diseases. We are interested in getting useful prevention information to kids and adults. To that end, we conduct Congressional rallies, Congressional Education Days, a national kids poster campaign (with submissions displayed in the Senate Rotunda) with accurate prevention information, we develop support groups for people across the country to attend and find mutual support, and conduct leading edge international scientific conferences.

Advocacy also includes meeting with Health and Human Services agencies in order to communicate scientific flaws in their programs and inform them of the complex plight of patients.

Lastly, it includes working with the media to disseminate accurate information about the disease so the public can use prevention techniques to minimize their risk of contracting tick-borne diseases. Karen’s frequent appearances on TV programs helped reach wider audiences. Shows like Oprah, 20/20, and Real World helped reach worldwide audiences.

The media frequently used our Public Service Announcements and B-roll (rashes, ticks, and tick removal videos).

Another way to advocate is to get scientific information directly to the public. To accomplish this, Karen created a “Public Forum” attached to the conferences, where the public is invited to attend for free and all of the renowned speakers sit at the head table and the public in attendance directly ask them questions. This empowers the public with credible scientific information directly from the researchers!

National Kids Poster Campaign

Congressional Education Day

Ct. rally for Insurance Mandates for Lyme diagnosis & treatment

LD Awareness Week DC Rally

Photos of a variety of DC Rally's

DC Rally with Congressional members

Lyme Disease Awareness week in Washington, DC. 2001. ©LDF 2023

The LDF has held yearly awareness week rallies in Washington DC since our establishment in 1988. This is part of one such rally. This started as yearly Congressional Resolutions. There were also yearly “Lunch and Learn” sessions to educate Congressional members about the challenges of tick-borne diseases to the public’s health. We had healthcare professionals, medical professionals, and patients present their views and expertise.

Meeting with federal officials

Public Forum

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