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Welcome to the Education Section!

The LDF has excelled in both scientific and public education.

We have divided our educational information into three sections:

I. Public Education, Options in this section include:

  • The Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc. has been a frequent CDC grantee in producing numerous educational programs for schools (K-12 bilingual open-captioned programs), educators, and businesses.
  • The LDF produced two award-winning TV network shows. The first was Faces of Lyme Disease. And, the LDF award-winning CDC-funded & approved PBS program Dr. Ticked-Off and His Tick Patrol, as well as WTIK News
  • We have numerous options subsections here with many options for adults and children.

A. Kids Education programs:

  • Dr. Ticked-off and His Tick Patrol. This Pre-Kindergarten to elementary school program. Our award-winning TV programs are here too! Please also view the testimony about the usefulness of the puppet video to children. There are English and Spanish versions. The first video is the English version, the second video is the Spanish version. Both have just the musical performances by Dr.Ticked-off and His Tick Patrol available, if that feels easier to begin a conversation about Lyme Disease and it's prevention.
  • Scientific Investigator – This is a middle school activity program where students do a survey of their peer’s knowledge about ticks and tick-borne diseases. Included are two different lesson plans, survey forms, proper information, and tabulation forms. Linked below is the video, available for use in any classroom or other educational format.

B. Adult Education Programs:

  • Faces of Lyme – as shown on Lifetime TV. This follows 3 families and tells their stories of Lyme disease.
  • Video Quilt – this is a combination of personal interviews about Lyme disease with family members of and victim with tick-borne diseases.
  • The What You Should Know about Lyme disease video is a 8th to 12th grade program. The first part is 30 minutes, with a break, followed by 28 minutes of additional information. Linked below is the video.

II. Business Education

This program is designed to help an employer understand how to implement a tick-bite prevention program for their employees.

Included are:

  • Lyme Disease Workplace Awareness & Prevention program video for the employer to view.
  • A short version of our “Lyme Disease What You Should Know” program. This is about 14 minutes and is intended to be played at a lunchroom setting or corporate health fair.
  • A 2-Step Plan Booklet with instruction on how to develop an employee education program.

III. Scientific Education – Here is the information on the LDF’s 27 scientific conferences.

There is video of many conferences.

IV. Self-Help Training program – CDC funded and approved. This is a video program with two handbooks and some sample flyers to announce the formation of the group.

V. Community Education Program – CDC funded and approved. People across the country are ready to do something.

This program was made for them to take to healthfairs, school meetings, and the like to spread the message about prevention and early detection. It is a three-fold poster board with CDC-approved pictures and information.

To help us continue building programs that benefit us all, please send a donation to us at:

Lyme Disease Foundation,

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The Lyme Disease Foundation is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit. Your financial contribution is tax deductible.

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