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LDF's Faces of Lyme on Lifetime TV

Faces of Lyme Disease
© 1998, 2023 Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc.,

Faces of Lyme Disease is an award-winning Lifetime TV program that is the first Lyme documentary ever produced. It aired on May 30. 1998 and is as relevant today as in the 1990s. It is the only documentary that has ever that has been shown on international TV. This features the Cretella, Morrissey, and Forschner families, who share their experiences with Lyme Disease and we thank them for candidly sharing their struggles. The program is about 25 minutes. Joe Burrascano, MD explains the science. This program ends on a positive note.

Also, view the LD What You Should Know in the K-12 education program.

Key personnel include: Executive producer Nancy Smith; Contributing Producer Karen Vanderhoof-Forschner; Edited by Harvey Greenstein; Written by Vivian R. Moss, Directed by Terri Randall & Nancy Smith.
Video: Motion Inc., SCI Productions, Image Bank, and FilmBank.
The Photos were from: the National Institutes of Health and LDF Drs. Patmas, Berger, Parenti, Masters, Lavoie, & Schwartzberg.

This film was produced by the LDF in conjunction with its Lyme Disease Education Alliance, which included: BBI Clinical Laboratories, Glaxo Welcome Inc., Green Light Sales Corporation (with Wal*Mart), Payless Cashways, Ace Hardware, Cotter True Serve, (HEB Groceries), |GeneX Laboratories, Pasteur Mérieux Connaught, and SmithKline Beecham Biologicals.

At the end of the program is another video called “Video Quilt.” This is a 3 minute program where multiple people talk about their struggles with Lyme and is uplifting.

Awards include:

  • Rx Club Top honors for Educational Excellence in the
  • Global Globe Award in recognition of outstanding achievement in the Global’s
International Healthcare Competition.
  • New York Film Festival Award - 4th place in TV Healthcare Education.

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Faces of Lyme Award [PDF]

Video Quilt - Patients relating their struggles due to LD

LD Video Quilt Cover [PDF]

LDF Video Quilt: Putting a face on the Great Masquarder
© 1995, 2005/6, 2023

Lyme disease is often called the "Great Masquerader" because it can mask itself as many other diseases. This 8-minute program was produced to help remind the viewer that it is people who suffer from Lyme and other tick-borne disease, unmasking the numbers that are often used to describe the extent of Lyme disease's impact on our society.

Lyme Disease Video Quilt unmasks Lyme disease as people talk about their experiences and feelings. The patients talk about their fears, frustrations, and hope.

At the end of the program, the audience will understand the plight of both younger and older patients. In addition, patients will learn that there is the realistic hope of recovery.

In addition, are three Public Service Announcements that you can share with others to help spread the prevention message.

  1. 30 sec. Lyme Prevention -by Emilio Delgado, from Sesame Street.
  2. Tick-Check 1 min. Rap- Dr.Ticked-Off &Major Tick-Check. This is on the PBS Program.
  3. Tick-Check 30 sec Rap - Dr. Ticked-Off &Major TickCheck. This is on the PBS Program.

We thank the patients who were willing to be filmed so that everyone could understand what they are going through.

Patients include: Dr. Willy Burgdorfer, Mary Frances, Shep, Chris, Eileen, Sal, and Heather. We used first names because this was a more personal video.

Train the trainer photo

LDF program on Ticks _ Kirby Stafford - Ct ag. Expstation [PDF]

Preschool & Early Years & PSA's

Testimony of Value of Kids Education

Puppet Video & Photos

PBS TV - Combined versions LD Facts for Kids

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Middle School - Scientific Investigator

Scientific Investigator

Sci Invest Welcome Letter [PDF]

Print Parts to Program

  1. LD Scientific Method Lesson Plans [PDF]
  2. Sci Investigator Survey [PDF]
  3. Tips for Tabulations [PDF]
  4. Educator Survey [PDF]
  5. LDF Rash Brochure
  6. Tick ID Wallet Card [JPG]
  7. Lyme Disease & Pets [JPG]
  8. Scientific Poster [JPG]
  9. Tick Alert & Symptoms [JPG]
  10. Test your Lyme IQ [JPG]
  11. Frequently Asked Questions [JPG]

8th to 12th Grade

LDF What You Should Know

LDF's CDC Funded K-12 10,000 School Mailing

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