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2000 Gardner Chapter

Gardner Cover, chapter 1 [PDF]
Gardner chapter 2 [PDF]
Gardner chapter 3 [PDF]
Gardner chapter 4 [PDF]
Gardner chapter 5 [PDF]
Gardner chapter 6 [PDF]
Gardner chapter 7 [PDF]
Gardner chapter 8 [PDF]
Gardner chapter 9 [PDF]
Gardner chapter 10 [PDF]
Gardner chapter 11 [PDF]
Gardner chapter 12 [PDF]
Gardner chapter 13 [PDF]

1946 Borrelia Relapsing Fever spontaneous abortion [PDF]
1985 Schlesinger, Duray [PDF]
1986 Lampert [PDF]
1986 Markowitz, Steere [PDF]
1987 Lavoie, Lattner, Duray [PDF]
1987 MacDonald, Benach, Burgdorfer [PDF]
1988 Weber Bb in newborn [PDF]
1989 MacDonald, Gestational Borreliosis [PDF]
1989 Pathology of Ocular Congenital Lyme Borreliosis [PDF]
1992 Obstet Journal [PDF]
1993 Gustafson, Burgess, Wachal [PDF]
1993 Ocular Congenital Lyme Borreliosis [PDF]
1993 Dog, cow cong. LD Burgess [PDF]
1997 FDA - Sousan Altaie [PDF]
1997 FDA Transplacental presentation [PDF]
1998 Preg. in cattle [PDF]
Congenital Lyme review 2017 [PDF]
Conn's Current Rx 1991 LAVOIE [PDF]
Conn's Current Rx 1997 Burrascano [PDF]


Conn's Current Rx 1991 LAVOIE [PDF]
Conn's Current Rx 1997 Burrascano [PDF]
Emerging & Exotic ticks in CT [PDF]

Clinical Inf. Diseases Journal LDF LD Supplement

CID Intro, Faculty [PDF]
CID Invasion & cytopathic killing [PDF]
Protective & arthritis resolving activity in sera [PDF]
LD Tissue invasion in mice - Weis [PDF]
Activity of LD Pt Sera against Bb [PDF]
Western Blot for Bb - Tilton [PDF]
Cold Zone of Tick-transmitted Disease - Persing [PDF]
Antibiotic Melittin [PDF]
Tetracycline therapy [PDF]
Functional Brain Imaging, testing [PDF]
Why is Chronic LD Chronic [PDF]
Lyme Vaccine Trial Design [PDF]

Journal of Spirochetal & TIck-borne Diseases

Vol 1.1 JSTD-03-94 [PDF]
Vol 1.2 JSTD-06-94-2 [PDF]
Vol 1.3 JSTD-03-94 [PDF]
Vol 1.4 JSTD [PDF]
Vol 2.1 JSTD [PDF]
Vol 2.2 JSTD [PDF]
Vol 2.3 JSTD [PDF]
Vol 2.4 JSTD [PDF]
Vol 3.1 JTBD [PDF]
Vol 3.2 JSTD [PDF]
Vol 3.3 JSTD [PDF]
Vol 4.1-2 JSTD [PDF]
Vol 4.3-4 JSTD [PDF]
Vol 5.1-2 JSTD [PDF]
Vol 5.3-4 JSTD [PDF]
Vol 6.1 JSTD [PDF]
Vol 6.2 JSTD [PDF]
Vol 6.3-4 JSTD [PDF]
Vol 7.1-2 JSTBD [PDF]
Vol 7.3-4 JSTD [PDF]
Vol 8.1-2 JSTD [PDF]
Vol 8.3-4 JSTD [PDF]
Vol 9.1 JSTD [PDF]

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