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SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCESScience leads the way to improved Public Health! © 2023 LDF

Welcome to the LDF’s Scientific conference section. Here you will be able to view the breadth and depth of the innovative programs the LDF has conducted. These programs were presented by the world’s leading Borrelia experts.

To help facilitate pregnant women, we have put several pregnancy-related presentations from various conferences together so that they are easier to find.

At the time, Lyme disease was a newly discovered disease that only existed in the northeast, caused only arthritis, was easy to diagnose and cure. Karen gathered leading experts from around the world and examined the scientific reality of those assumptions, finding most had no scientific basis. The LDF changed the false narrative which was poisoning any available resources the public could have had to aid themselves.

The LDF scientific conferences quickly became Research Incubators because all of speakers presented their latest research and provided the latest scientific papers that they felt were instrumental in finding the truth about the disease.

The LDF has conducted 27 international scientific conferences, with a total of 650 research presentations from worldwide multidisciplinary researchers and practitioners. Attendance averaged about 400 experts from Austria, Australia, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, England, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, People’s Republic of China, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, and The United States of America. The LDF is the sole owner of the copyright to these videos.

Many presenters were scientific giants. The LDF attempted to tape all the conferences and are now making their videos available to everyone, without a paywall! As wireless mics became available, we were surprised to find that our newly purchased mic had also recorded local radio stations on top of the conference audio. As, you will see in the Tarrytown conference, we have gained some bluetooth-acquired reggae music taped on top of the talks.

All LDF conferences featured state and federal public health experts, practicing physicians, scientific researchers, government employees (e.g. NIH, CDC, FDA, DOD) and Congressional members, as well as scientists from a wide variety of countries around the world as speakers and poster presenters.

The LDF moved the conferences around the country and into Canada to energize the region so that Canadian healthcare providers and patients could understand the health crisis we all were facing. Most conferences were the first scientific/medical programs of their kind in each state or province. LDF Board member Dr. John Anderson worked with people from around North America to identify the pathogens in their ticks. His work was instrumental in proving infected ticks in a variety of states, which meant the ticks were indigenous to the area. With that finding, healthcare professionals were alerted to the risk of infection to the local population. It was Dr. Anderson’s collaboration with Dianne Kindree and her father Dr. Kindree (both of the Canadian Lyme Foundation) that proved ticks were spreading Borrelia burgdorferi in Canada.

Pets (dogs, cats, rabbits) and livestock (horses, cows, goats) were also infected and suffered. We have placed our Lyme and Pets brochure in the Lyme Library.

Conference Continuing Medical Education Credits were provided by major medical centers or state health departments. Conferences attendees included healthcare practitioners, researchers, media, state and Federal Health Department personnel, and medical students. Most conferences had poster sessions. Several conferences were expanded to include multiple days and educational tracks. Receptions were designed to nurture the exchange of scientific thought and formation of collaborations by keeping the music to levels where the attendees could talk and collaborate. We also provided enough food so that attendees did not have to leave to get dinner. Very strong collaborations and friendships were developed by all. As the reader may be able to tell from the conference photos, friendships extended to spouses, children, patients, practitioners, researchers, government officials, and advocates.

Because of the public demand for scientific information, the LDF created the concept of a “Public Forums,” where the public could receive a briefing on the day’s talks and ask any questions they wanted, without having to pay a fee. All presenters participated in these programs. The purpose was to present the latest findings, so that the public could be educated about tick-spread diseases and scientific advancements from those experts, paving the way for truth in science.

Presenters were never paid for their talks. However, the LDF did pay for their travel and hotel. All presenters attended because of their own love for scientific inquiry and debate. No presenter was ever censored. LDF Scientific Conferences were scientifically balanced and often having opposing presentations delivered back-to-back. The LDF included scientists and researchers with a diverse background because Lyme disease was a very complex puzzle and everyone could hold a clue to the next piece. The LDF was practicing the “one health” concept before the concept was “invented.” The LDF was already including professionals from around the world and from many disciplines, including veterinarians, pathologists, specialists, and front line clinicians.

The LDF leaders were always thinking outside the box, in an effort to get information out to the broader range of patients, healthcare providers, and scientists. Therefore, we also conducted the first innovative conference (1998 Chicago) by satellite and broadcast it free in real-time to North America. Patients, scientists, even the FDA personnel attend this satellite conference for free! We extended the reach for another conference by having it summarized by Board member Julie Rawlings, MPH, of the Texas Department of Health. Then, after approval by the individual speaker, the summaries were published on Medscape as part of their next Day Summaries CME series. Continuing Medical Education Credits were given for healthcare professional who read the material and passed an online quiz about the material.

The following is a listing of LDF conferences. Print material and videos are available for most of the programs. Videotaping was completed by volunteers.

  1. Newington, Ct June 88
  2. Tarrytown, NY Oct. 88Video available on our YouTube here.
  3. Fox Chase Cancer Center March '89
  4. Austin TX, May 89Videos available on our YouTube here.
  5. Oakland CA Oct 89
  6. Orlando FL March 90 Videos available soon.
  7. Santa Monica, Ca. April 91
  8. Shelter Island, NY July 1991Videos available on our YouTube here.
  9. Stamford, CT April 1992Videos available on our YouTube here.
  10. Novi, Michigan Oct. 22, 1992
  11. Atlantic City, NJ May 1993Videos available on our YouTube here.
  12. Stamford, CT April 1994
  13. Vancouver, BC Canada April 1995Videos available on our YouTube here.
  14. Boston, Mass April 96Videos available on our YouTube here.
  15. NIH Bethesda, MD April 97 Videos available soon.
  16. Chicago, Ill, March 98 Videos available soon.
  17. New York, NY April 98 Videos available soon.
  18. New York, NY, April 1999 Videos available soon.
  19. Hartford_Farmington, Ct March 2000 Videos available soon.
  20. Medscape CME online conference April 2000
  21. Hartford, Ct April 2001 Videos available soon.
  22. Medscape CME Next Day Online Conferences 2001
  23. Hartford, CT April 2002 Videos available soon.
  24. Hartford, Ct 2003 Videos available soon.
  25. Hartford legal side of Lyme Oct. 2004 Videos available soon.
  26. Disability Conference Ct 2006 Videos available soon.
  27. Hartford, CT 2007 - No compendium nor additional information is available.
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