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Austin TX, May 89

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May 4 & 5th, 1989 – Austin, Texas. People and Pets.

This was the first such conference in Texas and was conducted at the request of the Texas Department of Public Health. There is print material and 7 videos.

Agenda and detailed write-up about Lyme in Texas. Dr. Burgdorfer presented the history of MS and its relationship to findings spirochetes in several MS patients.

Two NIH program officers presented on NIAID and NIAMS Lyme programs and funding.

Army Captain George W. Korch, PhD presented on tick-borne disorders and the military’s tick-borne educational program.

This is the first conference with breakout sessions (Lab. Techniques, Veterinary session, and Treatment/Control of tick-borne diseases). The overall conference notes were a gift from an attendee. The notes about Lyme in Texas were from Julie Rawlings, MPH, Jeffery Taylor, MPH, and Audrey Stein Goldings, MD. Tessa Gardner, MD presented on gestational Lyme. This is where Drs. Paul Lavoie and Paul Duray became familiar with Dr. Gardner. At this time, Dr. Lavoie was an author of information about Lyme disease in Remington’s book Infectious Diseases of the Fetus and Newborn. Dr. Lavoie was subsequently asked to recommend someone to write a chapter on Congenital Lyme. He recommended Dr. Gardner. In 2000, Dr. Gardner’s extensive research was published in this prestigious book. Later Paul would recommend Joe Burrascano to write a section on Lyme disease. Elizabeth Burgess, DVM presented on non-tick transmission.

Print 1989 Austin, TX [PDF]

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