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Chicago, Ill, March 98

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March 23, 1998 - Illinois Department of Health, Chicago, Ill. Satellite presentation of Lyme Disease Diagnosis and Treatment that was satellite for free viewing to North America.

CME’s: Illinois Department of Health.

Cosponsors: Ill. Dept. of Public Health, Illinois Academy of Family Physicians,

Cook County Department of Health, & Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc.

This conference was requested by the Illinois Department of Health and the LDF arranged for it to be broadcast to North America for free to everyone via a satellite link.

Chicago 1998 agenda [PDF]

Chicago '98 Med Conf Videos

Talk abstracts

Willy's Talk - Pandora's Box 1998 [PDF]
Liegner slides 1998 [PDF]
LD A Neuropsyc disease 1998 [PDF]

Speaker's articles

LB in Southern USA [PDF]
Unusual strain of Bb in Ix. dentatus in GA, USA [PDF]
Subtyping Bb isolates from pts with lymphocytoma [PDF]
Bb from Solvenia Significant differences [PDF]
PT Bb isolates w_genotypic and phenotypic similarities to 25015 [PDF]
MO. LD 1989 - 1992 [PDF]
Evidence supporting Bb in Missouri [PDF]
Infection rate of I. ricinus ticks w_ Ba, Bg, Bb in Slovenia [PDF]
Nested PCR using Flagellin Gene Sequences [PDF]
PCR Primers for LD & Relapsing Fever [PDF]
Lyme & Lyme-like disease in Missouri [PDF]
Persistence of Bb in resolved Migrans lesions [PDF]
Geno & Phenotypic Characterization of Bb in Illinois [PDF]
European Lyme Borreliosis in 231 pts with ECM [PDF]
LD overview 1994 [PDF]
Ocular Manifestations of LD [PDF]
Another look at the lone star tick as a vector of tick-borne diseases [PDF]
Vector Competence of Ixodid ticks for Bb by capillary-feeding technique [PDF]
Role of publicly owned properties in LD in NJ [PDF]
IgG antibodies to Bb in Rodents in Tennessee [PDF]
Human infection with tick-transmitted B.microti in Rhode Island [PDF]
Surveillance is Important - See JSTD vol3, No 3_4 [PDF]

Sample Public Forum

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