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Hartford, Ct April 2001

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April 21-23, 2001 – Hartford Marriott, Ct. 14th International Conference of Lyme Disease and other Tick-Borne Disorders. Diagnosis, Treatment, & Research.

Agenda [PDF]
Brochure 2001 [PDF]

Speaker Abstracts

Speaker abstracts Sun 4-22-2001 [PDF]
Speaker Abstracts Mon. 4-23-2001 [PDF]

Poster presentations [PDF]

Speaker provided articles

Implications of Harmful Microalgae & Heterotropic Dinoflagellates in Management of Sustainable Marine Fisheries [PDF]
Pfisteria and other Pfisteria-like dinoflagellates [PDF]
The Lurking Perils of Pfisteria [PDF]
Effect of Immunization on OspA on serologic Teats for LD [PDF]
Comparison of Immunodot and Western Blot Assay for Diagnosing Lyme Borreliosis [PDF]
Correlation of Seroreactivity w_response to antibiotics in Pediatric LD [PDF]
Pediatric Lyme Arthritis- Clinical Spectrum and outcome [PDF]
Comparative Evaluation of Adsorption with E. coli on ELISA Tests for Lyme Borreliosis [PDF]
Serial Measurement of Soluble Interleukin 2 Receptor Levels, an Early indicator of Treatment Response for LD [PDF]
Reinfection in Paediatric Lyme Borreliosis [PDF]
Frequency & Specificity of Antibodies that Crossreact w_Bb Antigens [PDF]
Use of Western Blot and Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbant Assays to assist in the Diagnosis of LD [PDF]
Selection of Animal Models [PDF]
Acquired Resistence to Bb infection in the Rabbit [PDF]
Comparison of Protection in Rabbits aganst Host-Adapted & cultivated Bb and immunity [PDF]
Immune Serum from rabbits infected w_Bb confers complete protection [PDF]
Limitations of the OspA Vaccine for Humans - a Review [PDF]
Rabbit as a Model for the study of LD pathogenesis & Immunity - A Review [PDF]
Evolution of the Serologic Response to Bb in treated Patients with culture confirmed EM [PDF]
Clinical Spectrum of Early LB in Patients with Culture Confirmed EM [PDF]
Comparison of Culture-Confirmed EM in NY & Slovenia [PDF]
LD Serology [PDF]
Effects of OspA vaccination on LD Serologic testing [PDF]
Limitations of 2-stage testing for LD [PDF]
Antigenic Conservation of an Immunodominant Invariable Region of the VlsE Lipoprotein in European Pathogenic Genospecies of Bb SL [PDF]
An Immunodominant Conseariable Domain of VlsE of Bb [PDF]
Sensitive and Specific Serodiagnosis of Lyme Disease by ELISA with a Peptide Based on an Immunodominant Conserved Region of Bb VlsE [PDF]
Epitope of Immunodominant Invariable Region of Bb VlsE in 3 Host Species [PDF]
Comparison of culture Confirmed EM in NY and Solvenia [PDF]
Temporal Correlations between Tick Abundance & Bb infected ticks & Increased LD [PDF]
Bb-Specific Immune Complexes in Acute LD [PDF]
Pesticide use by Licensed Applicators [PDF]
Impact of Controlled burn on Abundance of I.scapularis [PDF]
Infection w_ HGE, LD, Babesiosis in Ct. Mice [PDF]
Viral Infection of Neurons can Depress Neurotransmitter mRNA Levels w_out Histologic Injury [PDF]
Discovery of West NIle in Ct [PDF]
Isolation of West Nile in CT [PDF]
Serologic Diagnosis of LD using ELISA with Recombinant Antigens [PDF]
Serologic confirmation of Erlichia Equi & Bb in horses [PDF]
Evaluation of polyvalent Enzyme-linked assay incorporating p44 antigen for diagnosis of G. Ehrlichiosis in dogs and horses [PDF]
Dr Diagnosed EM & EM-like rashes following Lone Star tick-bite [PDF]
Erythema Migrans - My Point of View [PDF]
HME- epidemiological, clinical and laboratory diagnosis of a new Emergent infection in the United States [PDF]
Psychiatric & Cognitive Features of LD [PDF]
Igenex on LUAT [PDF]
LDF Educational Materials [PDF]
Spectrum of Gastrointestinal Manifestations of Children and Adolescents w_LD [PDF]

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