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Hartford Farmington, Ct March 2000

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April/May 1999 - Medscape online summaries for CME credit. Julie Rawlings, MPH, of the Texas Department of Health summarized every presentation and had them approved by the presenters themselves. There were 166,444 views of the material, with 316 receiving free Continuing Medical Education credits. Dr. Burgdorfer, the world’s leading tick expert, declares Amblyomma americanum is the vector of the LD pathogen in the Southern & Eastern USA.

Print 2000

Speaker abstracts 2000, pt 1
Speaker abstracts 2000 pt 2
Poster Presentations

Speaker articles

    Isolation of West Nile Virus [PDF]
    Coexitence of Antibodies to multiple tick-borne pathogens [PDF]
    Emerging role of Pathology in Infectious Diseases [PDF]
    Human Ehrlichiosis in the U.S.A. [PDF]
    Hidden Mortality to Rocky Mountain Spotte Fever [PDF]
    Family Cluster of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever [PDF]
    Cloning E.chaffeensis Variable length PCR [PDF]
    Outcome of tests from pts with HME- implications for surveillance [PDF]
    E. ewingii, a new Ehrlichiosis [PDF]
    Fatal SeroNegative Ehrlichiosis in pt with HIV [PDF]
    Rickettsial & Ehrlichial Infections [PDF]
    Isolation of E. chaffeensis strains [PDF]
    Prevelance of infection in the US Army Tick testing Health Promotion & Preventative Medicine [PDF]
    Infection in tick testing of US Army [PDF]
    Infections of HGE and Bb in deer in Ct [PDF]
    Human exposure to HGE & Other tick-Borne Agents in Ct. [PDF]
    Antibodies to Multiple tick-borne pathogens of Bab., Ehrlich, & Lyme Borreliosis in mice [PDF]
    Rabbit as a model for the Study of LD [PDF]
    Acquired Resistence to Bb infection in rabbits [PDF]
    Antibody Response to Invariable Regions of VlsE of Bb [PDF]
    Immunodominant conserved region w_in VlsE of Bb [PDF]
    Serodiagnosis of LD based on ELISA w_ conserved region of Bb VlsE [PDF]
    Safety and Immunogenicity of OspA vaccine in Rhesus Monkey [PDF]
    Bilateral palsy & meningitis cause by Borrelia double infection [PDF]
    Incr. Interlukin-4 & Gamma Interferon by blood mononuclear Cell of LD patients [PDF]
    Bb detected by culture and PCR in clinical relapse [PDF]
    Intercranial Aneurysms in LD patients [PDF]
    Comparison in LD of Oral Cefixime & IV Cetriaxone followed by oral Amoxicillin [PDF]
    Bacteriophages & Ultrastructual Alterations to Bb induced by Ciprofloxcin [PDF]
    Analysis of Relapsing Fever Spirochetes in Western USA [PDF]
    Induction of B-cell Mitogenesis by Bb OspC [PDF]
    Vector-Spirochete Relationships in Louse-Borne & Tick-Borne Borreliosis w_ LD [PDF]
    Isolation of symbiotes from RM wood tick, Dermacentor anderson [PDF]
    1969 True Discovery of Lyme Disease [PDF]
    EM in the South [PDF]
    Dr. diagnosed EM from Lone star tick bites [PDF]
    Importance of Systematics to Public Health- ticks, microbes, & disease [PDF]
    Kill Kenetics of Bb & bacterial findings [PDF]
    Isolation of Bb from the heart of a LD patient [PDF]
    Psychiatric Aspects of LD in kids in Westchester, NY [PDF]
    GastroIntestinal manifestations in Children and Adolescents [PDF]
    Repeated Antibiotic treatment in Chronic LD [PDF]
    Rapid susceptability Testing of LD spirochetes by Flow Cytometry [PDF]
    Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome & LD [PDF]
    Post Lyme Syndrome- Contrasts w_Recovered LD Patients [PDF]
    Tc-99m HMPAO Brain SPECT Imaging in Chronic LD [PDF]
    Case Report- LD & Complex Partial Seizures [PDF]

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