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Tarrytown, NY Oct. 88

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Oct. 20 & 21st, 1988 – Tarrytown, NY. Multifaceted aspects of Lyme Disease: Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment.

In 1988, the LDF moved to 2-day conferences with 21 presenters. We had not yet started to compile compendiums. There is print material of an agenda and 4 videos.

This was the first such conference in Westchester and was conducted at the request of the Westchester County Department of Health, who was the cosponsor of the conference.

State and local politicians and health department officials were at this conference. We also included experts from other state health departments. Experts in multiple disciplines were included as presenters in their respective fields. Yale University, SUNY at Stony Brook School of Medicine, and a California Rheumatologist, and veterinarians were included as presenters. A speech pathologist discussed rehabilitation of patients with cranial nerve damage.

Julie Rawlings, MPH, presented the spirochetal history of MS. The U.S. Army Environmental Hygiene Agency presented about the military’s response to tick-borne diseases. Terry Schulze, PhD, a NJ DOH research scientists presented about LD in New Jersey. Alan MacDonald, a Pathologist from Long Island presented the pathology of Borrelia burgdorferi.

As technology advanced, we found that our newly purchased wireless microphone simultaneously picked up the speech and a musical rap radio station. The recording has the music and the speakers’ presentations playing together in the audio. There is no efficient way to segregate those two streams of sound.

This was the first Lyme conference in Tarrytown, NY.

Print 1988 agenda only, Terrytown, NY [PDF]

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