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Yes! We’re one in the same! Our President Karen Vanderhoof-Forschner has been leading the LDF since 1988, and hasn’t lost her want to see the truth brought to light!
At the moment, we have a small budget, so we can only attend the conferences that we’re invited to speak at! If you’d like to help change that, consider donating, or request us to speak at the conference you’d most like to see us at! Europe? Asia? Australia? We’re happy to go wherever’s needed to help spread awareness!
At this moment, we’re not doing Doctor referrals. Please go to, under Patient Care, and use their Provider Search!
Unfortunately, we’re not medical providers, or a testing facility, so we can’t tell you if you do or do not have Lyme Disease, or any other tick borne illness. What we can do is direct you to relevant literature on a topic of concern (Lyme, Babesiosis, Bartonella, Colorado Tick Fever, Ehrlichiosis, ect).
Yes. 36% of culture positive patients remain seronegative through the life of their infection. They never test positive, but they have the disease. At this time, we have no test to show that someone is cured. At this moment in time, if you believe you’re in that 36% of patients, and your current provider does not believe you have Lyme, the best next step is to find a provider willing to work with you towards a treatment plan.
Please email us! We’re happy to try and help answer questions however we can, or try to direct you to relevant resources.
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