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The library section has a variety of material that should help you understand Lyme disease and other tick-borne disorders. Knowledge empowers us all. This material is presented with the intent to educate as many people as possible, without a paywall.

Here is where we have placed two out-of-print books (Borrelia, and Tickbites & MS), the forward to Everything You Need to Know about Lyme disease and other Tick-borne Disorders, a variety of Posters, media articles, research articles, tick articles, and Kids Coloring pages. We have two coloring pages in Spanish.

If you have trouble reading the Books, please send in $20 plus the name of the book that you want a copy of, and we will mail a printed copy to you. Or, you can try printing the material using a computer at your local library or go to a printing shop like Staples and make a copy.

If you like this material, please donate so that we can expand our offerings.


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A. Experiencing Depression?

People with Lyme disease are frequently depressed due to many real reasons. Some reasons include: the body’s reaction to the Lyme pathogen, being unable to maintain their pre-infection activities, not receiving the respect patients deserve from the medical community and family, loss of family &/or jobs, financial stress from trying to pay for medical care, and the list goes on.

There is someone to talk to! Don’t give up because help is out there.

  1. Call Phone # 988 for help. This is the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline in the USA.
    Call 988 and talk to a human or go to for someone to chat with online by typing.
    They have a Spanish line and one for the hearing impaired.
    They offer regular counseling for those with medical insurance.
  2. Go to – To get matched with a counselor.
  3. If you are suffering from unrelenting physical pain, call your closest medical center, ask for the neurology department, then ask them if they have a pain management specialist. Do not suffer in silence, people do care. Most non-medical people lack training in how to help Lyme patients manage pain.

B. School Trip let, tick-bite log

  1. Sample School Trip Letter [PDF]
  2. Sample family Tick-Bite log [PDF]

C. Books

a. Borrelia (Book), Oscar Felsenfeld_

b. Tickbites & MS (Book), B. Bennett_

c. Everything You Need to Know about Lyme Disease

d. Faces of Lyme Disease Book

e. No Time for Lyme

D. Brochures

E. LDF Research Posters

F. 1969 Discovery of Lyme in the USA

G. Research articles

H. Media

Karen - Woman of the Year

PSAs (Public Service Announcements)

I. Tick Biowarfare

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